Credentials can change, and that’s often for the better…

This is a picture of the comfortable and warm quilt that was made from all the runner’s T-shirts Robert received while jogging his way through thirteen marathons in nine different states. All that activity generated not just T-shirts, but a strong heart and lungs. That’s a good thing, right? Especially with the history of heart disease in his family of origin. But, it’s not the whole story…

After about ten years and with all that running, he developed back pain and sciatic nerve issues. Don’t misunderstand, this is not to be critical of jogging as a healthy form of exercise. During those years, he was in the best condition of his life. And, he listened to his┬ábody. It’s fully capable of advising us when it is time to for healthy change. We have┬áto be willing to listen. With physical therapy and a regular yoga practice, Robert was able to restore the health and strength of his lower back, without surgery or prescription medications. Eventually, it became a better way to balance the physical, emotional, cerebral, and spiritual aspects of his life. And the takeaway, the lesson with which to continue the journey.

Being active is key. Continuing to learn is too.

In addition to being a former middle-of-the-pack marathoner and a former attorney, Robert is a writer, father, trophy husband, speaker, and touring cyclist. Listed below are some post-midlife activities that inform his credentials as the Adventurer With A Pen:

  • Thirteen marathons in nine different states (of geography)
  • Raised two wonderful kids who became healthy, extremely competent, and enjoyable people
  • Explored Alaska on a road trip from Colorado to the Arctic Circle,
  • Wrote my first book
  • Many travels to the Aegean Island of Crete, including hiking Samaria Gorge
  • Explored the beaches and mountains of Bali, Indonesia
  • Wrote my first novel, Icarus and the Wing Builder
  • Summited Volcan Baru (11,400 ft) in Panama in time for a sunrise view of two oceans
  • Trekked across Colorado by bicycle including five mountain passes.
  • Bicycled over 2,000 miles from Astoria, Oregon to Minneapolis, MN at 60+.

Updated: August 14th, 2017