The Launch

Make America Bike Again – Day 1

Met up with Don, Frank, Frosty & Gerry in the Budget Rental Car parking lot. From there we rode west about 10 miles to Fort Stevens State Park on the coast. It was Saturday afternoon, July 1st, the first step of our journey. There, the rear wheels of all the bikes were dipped into the surf and salt waters of the Pacific Ocean. (Take my word for it, that water is more than just cold.) Three of our group are going all the way to the Atlantic.

Day 1 - The Launch
Frosty, Robert, Frank, Don & Gerry

Frosty gets a nod for bringing us all together for this trip. He is the glue, the instigator, and the motivator.

The State of Oregon gets a nod for its forward thinking public policy  and the accommodating face presented to campers and their bicycles arriving at state parks unburdened by the conventional gasoline-powered vehicle of plastic, fiberglass and steel. Fort Stevens State Park offers hiker/biker campsites, no reservation required for a nominal fee. There’s a 3-day maximum stay and warm showers. What a state!



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