The Kindness of Strangers

Make America Bike Again – Day 27

What a day it was! A day that a total stranger met me on the road into Bismarck. He looked at the bicycle, smiled, and asked, where Are you going?

I replied, East Coast.

Our conversation turned into an invitation for dinner, a shower, and a bed for the night. It was a generous display of kindness and hospitality…to a total stranger.

What a good and lastingIMG_1476 memory it has made. Thank you Rod and Lori Skytland, Keatyn and Shelby.




3 thoughts on “The Kindness of Strangers”

  1. Robert…my mom always says that I’ve never met a stranger in my life and yesterday was no different! I knew in the first 15 minutes of meeting you that we would become friends. I also know we would become great friends and spend a lot of time together if we lived in or near the same town. I feel thankful and blessed that I ran into you and had that gut feeling of trust to invite you for dinner and an overnight stay at our home with my family. My family enjoyed the opportunity to get to know you and get a feeling of what it’s like to strike out across the United States on a bike meeting total strangers and turning them into new friends! Who knows, maybe you have lit a fire in me to try something crazy like bike touring through the United States. Maybe I should start slow by biking North Dakota. 🙂 You are a genuinely nice gentleman that has obviously impacted the lives of many people in your 64 years of life. Our family are some of the lucky ones for getting an opportunity to meet you. Safe travels and I hope the good Lord gives you a lot of wind at your back on the way to Akron, Ohio, onto Maine and your eventual destination…the Atlantic Ocean. God delivers a lot of gifts everyday and our gift yesterday was meeting a total stranger who became a new friend yet felt like an old friend whom we hadn’t seen in awhile! I hope our lives cross paths again! I’m sure it will happen someday! I will end with a quote from Mario Cipollini: “The bicycle has a soul. If you succeed to love it, it will give you emotions that you will never forget!” Take care Robert! It was a pleasure meeting you!


    Rod, Lori, Shelby and Keatyn Skytland


  2. So like Rod! A wonderful man with a great heart. If you come to San Tan Valley/Queen creak AZ area, we will do the same for you! Safe travels.


  3. The Skytland’s are some of the most heartwarming people I know. I seriously doubt Rod and Lori have met a stranger but once. Love ya guys!!!!


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