Make America Bike Again

IMG_1461Day 25 – Sunset near Medora, North Dakota

My bicycle and I average about 12 mph. It’s slow enough to see a lot, and for all the senses to be engaged. This morning I watched a man pass me in his SUV, slow down enough to make eye contact and smile, and give me a thumbs up. Welcome to the heartland!



3 thoughts on “Make America Bike Again”

  1. There were several memorable events during that time warp between days 12 & 25, that I know. I am guessing that those North Dakota sunrises & sunsets mesmerized you, just as they have its inhabitants & native sons & daughters. It was a joy helping one stranded traveler while I was helpless to rescue myself, at least ’til the parts truck arrived. Enjoy the wedding — & keep the rubber side down!


    1. David, So glad we met on the road outside of Glendive, Mt. Thanks again for getting me connected with the good folks at Dakota Cyclery. And, for your masterful installation of that new chain on the asphalt of a windy western North Dakota parking lot. (Actually, the installation of the chain was on Daedalus, the bicycle, located on said parking lot.) Always good to hear from you!
      All the best,


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