Pre Trip Planning

From Astoria Oregon to Akron Ohio

Here we are riding up Independence Pass between Twin Lakes and Aspen. It was mid September. The aspens golden. The summer tourists gone. Nearer to the top we stopped on the narrow shoulder and admired the view. Up ahead a car sweeping down the pass heads towards us. It slows to walking speed, slow enough for a woman on the passenger side of the climate-controlled SUV to open her window and ask, “Are you all right?”

Blue Sky and Golden Aspens
Independence Pass, Colorado

“Never better!” Robert replied, smiling and returning her gaze.

It was our first bike packing tour. In that moment on Independence Pass, I knew that we would one day be doing more tours together. Denver to Aspen over 5 mountain passes and camping along the way. What I didn’t understand then, is that I, the touring bicycle, I would become the voice of these adventures.

My name is Daedalus. My namesake  was an accomplished inventor and craftsman in ancient Greece, and the first man to fly. He made his reputation by building a maze under the palace of a Minoan king to house the dangerous Minotaur.  It was several millennia before the lives of deVinci or the Wright brothers. But, Daedalus never received much credit or recognition for it. His spirit must be restless. Because he seems to have found his voice in me, a Novarra Mazama touring bicycle made by REI.

Independence Pass was several years ago. The time for that next adventure is almost here. With four friends we will soon be leaving on the bicycle adventure of Robert’s lifetime, from Astoria, Oregon to Akron, Ohio, his hometown. We’re not out to set speed records. This is for pleasure, for unplugging from the drama and stress. Robert would like his parents to enjoy it as well. They’re still living together in Akron. Neither one is able to travel anymore. Hopefully, they will recognize and vicariously enjoy the journey into the heartland of this magnificent land. My goal is to search for beauty and inspiration while pedaling through each day. The best of it I will share on this blog and on a Facebook page of the same name. Curious? Why don’t you follow along?