Epiphanies and Inopportune Times

A sold out show…

and I have a ticket. A favorite author is presenting tonight at the University of Denver. Nothing to do but wait; until the sun has set, the dogs have finished eating, and rush-hour traffic has faded away. These things complete I can head over to campus, search for parking and finally, engage with the evening. Wet shadowy sidewalks fall away beneath my intentional pace. I’m eager to feel the light and warmth just inside the doors of the Newman Center Auditorium. The corner of the last block passes beneath my feet. I’m going to make it! And then, the flash of a visual epiphany in the corner of my eye. It dares me to stop, turn and take a moment. I can be so relentless when the goal is near at hand. Just keep walking, straight ahead, but then I look back to catch a glimpse. Not even seeing the front steps of the building, which are coming up fast, maybe too fast…

I turn around, allowing myself the space to be properly captivated by the play of moonlight and spotlight across the sculpted face of the building. Reaching for my camera I assure my practical side that, “There’s time for this too.”

Here is one of the pictures I took last night, after stepping onto the lawn and gazing up at the passing moon. And, there was enough time to find my seat and thoroughly enjoy the presentation by Anthony Doerr. I highly recommend his short story collection, Memory Wall. And of course, his Pulitzer  Prize winning novel, All the Light We Cannot See.

Signed by: Daedalus             February 8, 2017.





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