Why Crete?

When there are so many sun drenched islands, so much sparkling sea…

Rocky headlands fade into the distant vanishing point; that singular and unstable place where the Land, Sea, and Sky connect. Can you feel the allure of the remote beach at the end of the narrow road? See that mark in the huge limestone buttress. Once, it was an irregular circle. Today, it’s a tunnel, and not by the ardor of some mortal’s hands. No tools at work on that outcropping rock…except wind and sand, and time.

On Crete, the Gods are very close. It is an island like no other, and for me, a source of inspiration for resuming this blog.

Much more about mythology and channeling the gods into the 21 century, to come. Thanks for being a reader.

Signed by: Daedalus       17 December 2016


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